dinner foods that start with l

7 Delicious Dinner Foods that Start with L

Can you list a few dinner foods that start with L? We bet Lasagna would be the first thing that’ll come to your mind. Isn’t it? Interestingly, there are many other mouth-watering foods that start with the letter L, and you might be surprised to know! Let’s explore…

1. Lobsters, once known as “Poor Man’s Chicken”

Lobster! It is something that can give a flavorful spin to your dinner. Lobsters are sea creatures that reside in the rocky and cold waters and have gained significant popularity among the foodies. You can enjoy Lobster in various forms such as main course, pasta dishes, sandwiches or rolls, and more. One surprising fact about Lobster is that it was once referred to as “poor man’s chicken,” but in the recent era, it comes in the category of expensive cuisines, especially if you reside in a landlocked country. 

2. Lamb! Our favorite dinner food that starts with L

dinner foods that start with l

It is a type of cut meat from a young domestic sheep’s breast and neck. You can cook it in several ways, such as braised or roasted. It’s one of the most popular foods in Middle Eastern countries, where sheep are found in abundance. 

3. Lahana Sarmasi: Stuffed Cabbage

dinner foods that start with l

In the Turkish language, Lahana is referred to as Cabbage, whereas Sarması means’ Wrapping.’ Therefore, the name Lahana Sarması is self-explanatory. The mixture of minced meat and rice, along with some spices, is wrapped in cabbage leaves. A squeeze of lemon takes the taste of Lahana Sarması to another level.

4. Lahmacun, Turkish flatbread pizza

Lahmacun is worth adding to our list of dinner foods that start with L! Pronounced as “Lahamajoun,” Lahmacun is a crispy and super thin Turkish Pizza, topped with ingredients oozing with flavors. These ingredients include minced meat, tomato, fresh herbs, and spices such as pepper and salt. The magic of its taste lies in the balance of spices and herbs. 

5. Linguine

linguine is a dinner food that starts with l

Love pasta? Try a different variety this time – Linguine. It is believed that Linguine originated in Italy. In Italian, Linguine means “little tongues.” Linguine is similar to spaghetti but is wider than it. It’s about 4mm in width. Linguine is usually made from white flour and whole wheat flour, but the chefs may use potato or almond flour on special occasions. 

Oh, did we mention there is National Linguine Day as well? September 15th it is! 

6. Littleneck Clams

littleneck clams are a dinner food that starts with l

Are you on a hunt for a finger-licking seafood appetizer for a Sunday dinner? If yes, Littlenecks, also known as Quahogs featuring clams, are the answer to your craving! Littlenecks are tiny clams, usually found in sandy regions of water. Packed with plump and juicy texture, Littlenecks are ideal for steaming and grilling. And guess what they’re best served with? Linguine!

Pro tip: Always let the raw clams chill for a couple of hours before opening them. It will make your job quick and easy.

7. Lavash, fresh hot bread

dinner bread that starts with l

Iranian and Armenian flatbread Lavash has gained significant popularity across the Middle East and Asian regions. Traditionally baked in a clay oven, it can also be baked in a baking steel or stone set. You can roll cheese, vegetables, lamb, and many other foods with it.

Have some leftover food from lunch? Roll it with Lavash and enjoy your quick dinner that’s quite filling! 

Dinner Foods that Start with L: Delicious Takeaways

We hope you enjoyed this list of seven dinner foods that start with L. Apart from these seven, there are a lot more foods worth knowing about. Check out these tempting 50 foods starting with L.

Thanks for reading!

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