Welcome to JarKitchen, where we love food, and love being in the kitchen! Our goal is to deliver you the best recipes, articles, facts, and reviews on all things food and kitchen. The recipes we give are handpicked from the best cookbooks, made and tasted first by our chefs (me and my wife), to provide you the best recipes, so that you can taste the quality. Our articles are always based on research (i.e. eating) and deliver you the facts. Reviews we make are based on our own experiences.

Who is JarKitchen?

The JarKitchen team is made up of myself, John, and my wife, Anna. We’re based in Cleveland, Ohio. Our team consists of the original writers who founded this blog as well. I’m a financial media entrepreneur who believes “Content is King”. After selling my first business, I decided to buy content websites to continue to feed the internet with high quality content. That’s what I’m doing here.

But we not only love content, we love eating and cooking too. After connecting with the original JarKitchen team, they decided to pursue different paths. We promised them that we will let the name JarKitchen live forever, and we will contribute to it by serving people online. That is what we are doing right now. We’re writing articles and reviews about food from all over the world, to keep you informed about what’s hot (and what’s not). You will see recipes, foods, and ingredients from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Americas; and appliances reviews for the best selling items on Amazon.

We love to travel… and we love to eat! All that gets distilled down into content for YOU to consume. Thank you for stopping by.

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