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These 30 Foods That Start With N Will Leave You Happy

Welcome to the world of Food with where you can learn different food names from different countries. In this post, we will be talking about 30 foods that start with N.

1. Napoli Salami

Known as the finest spicy sausage of the southern part of Italy, Napoli Salami is also known as Salame Napoli. Italy got to know this type of salami starting from the end of the 17th century. To get Napoli Salami ready for service, you need to hang it in a room for 7 to 8 days with a well-tight cover. You need to use black pepper, spices, and fresh Italian pork to make a Napoli Salami. People usually use pottery barrels to keep Napoli Salami fresh.

2. Nashi Pear

Have you ever seen that juicy, yellow-green pear on the shelves of the market? It is what we call Nashi Pear. The fact is that Nashi means pear in Japanese. Since this pear was originated from East Asia, there have been different names like Asian pear, Chinese pear. But, the most popular one is Nashi pear as you can see. If you eat 1 nashi pear, you can get the %8-10 of your daily vitamin C intake. You can get the most delicious Nashi pear between March and November.

3. Natillas

We are back in Europe with this delicious taste. Natillas is a product of Spanish cuisine and it is a variety of custard. Here are the main ingredients for you: milk, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, and egg. It doesn’t seem so hard to make right? “Natillas” is actually a revised Spanish version of “cream”. Since all Spanish-speaking countries are familiar with this tradition, there have been different interpretations for this amazing taste. While some of the natillas look like pudding as in Peru, others look like flan. The cinnamon is for use as a topping but I have to pass that as well because I am a big hater of cinnamon. When I saw the recipe for natillas, it reminded me of Turkish salep.

4. Nøkkelost

Our fourth stop is this delicious cheese from the borders of Norway. First of all, it would be helpful to translate this word into English for you. Nøkkelost means cumin cheese because they use cloves and cumin to create the flavor. Although there is a confusion that nøkkelost resembles the Dutch cheese Nagelkaas, nøkkelost is made from cow’s milk. I am not a big fan of trying different cheese types because most of them stink, this could actually be a better option for me.

5. Naan

We are taking you to West Asia with my favorite Indian food. Most of you might have fallen into the fallacy of thinking that naan is from Indian cuisine but it actually is from Persian cuisine. In Persian, “naan” means bread but it has a different texture compared to usual bread. I have tried the Indian version of naan and it was the thick flatbread. The most delicious type of naan is the cheese-included version for me. Since it is originated mainly from the Middle East, some people might say that it even looks like a pita in Turkish cuisine.

6. Nabemono

Here we come to the kitchen that I am familiar with very well. Nabemono is one of the most popular Japanese dishes for crowded gatherings. Taking its name from Japanese words “nabe” meaning pot and “mono” meaning thing, nabemono basically stands for anything that you cook in the pot. Considering the other cuisines, it looks like a stew but meat is not the main flavor.

There are two types of nabemono; lightly and strongly flavored and these also split up into different parts. Mizutaki is the lightly flavored type of nabemono I have tried when I was in Japan. You basically dip all the vegetables in the boiled water and keep the stove open. And, you can dip the meat in your preference by using chopsticks and eat them immediately. I can admit that because of the concept of “cook and eat by yourself”, eating nabemono was a wonderful experience for me.

7. Nacho

Now, we are getting back to the other side of the globe. From Mexican cuisine, nacho is probably a type of food that most of you are familiar with. The ingredients are pretty simple to collect: a cheese-based sauce that is also known as totopos and heated tortilla chips. Nachos are usually not the main dish but the appetizer because they don’t fulfill the necessary nutrition for your one meal. While you can find tortilla chips in all versions, the toppings are left to your choice. The most popular toppings are black beans, tomato sauces, guacamole, olives, etc. It is up to your imagination to enrich the taste of your nacho.

8. Nantua

Taking its name from the region in France, Nantua is a part of French cuisine. Nantua is a region that is famous for its crayfish and Nantua sauce also has crayfish as the main ingredient. To make this sauce Béchamel sauce methods are used but the type of butter is very essential to the taste itself. For the best experience, it would be better to use crayfish butter for the sauce itself. The main ingredients for Nantua sauce are crayfish butter, cream, crayfish tail, and Béchamel sauce. Pike dumplings (quenelles de Brochet) usually go well with Nantua sauce if you think of cooking the sauce by yourself.

9. Nasi Goreng

As a part of Indonesian cuisine, Nasi goreng is a type of fried rice. Most Asian cuisine has different versions of fried rice. But, Nasi goreng has some unique features. With its aromatic, smoky smell, Nasi goreng will be capturing your hearts. Besides, this rice is budget-friendly because you do not have to cook fresh rice for it. According to the recipes, what makes Nasi goreng more delicious is using leftover rice.

The ingredients are not hard to find either. Leftover rice, egg, some vegetables, sweet soy sauce, and seasonings will be enough. You should cook the egg as separate from the main dish and prepare it as sunny side up. You will be enjoying the best of it when the egg yolk mixes with the rice. Although this is rare in Turkish culture, nasi goreng is a great food to eat for breakfast when it is combined with tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.

10. Natto

Ater one example from Mexican cuisine, we are back to Japanese again. This time I will be talking about the weirdest Japanese cuisine I have ever tried. Natto is a type of food which you can either like or hate totally. Natto is basically a Japanese food that you can make by fermenting soybeans. Along with natto, people usually prefer using soy sauce, karashi mustard, or tare sauce.

The weirdest thing about natto for me is that people prefer eating it for the breakfast along with Gohan (steamed rice). It has that strong smell as if you are eating a stinky cheese that has ripened too much. Considering the long lifespan of Japanese people, eating natto can be one of the reasons thanks to its nutritious ingredient. If you would ask me whether I would eat it for health, it would be a big “no” from me because I am very sensitive to heavy-smelling food. But, I would encourage you to try it anyhow.

11. Navy Bean

It is an interesting way to name a bean as “navy bean” even if it doesn’t have navy blue colors. But still, this bean has a long history about its name. When you see this tiny bean which is smaller compared to regular-sized beans, you may be confused about the relationship between the name of the bean and its shape. In fact, this name was given because the US Navy army has been using this bean in their kitchens since the middle of the 17th century.

During World War II, the navy bean might even become the lifesaver of the US army settled in Queensland because it is a cheap supply and it gave enough nutrition to the marine troops.

12. Nectarine

Nectarine has a soft surface and looks like a small peach, but a harder one.

This fruit will make you question if it is closer to peach or apple. Basically, the nectarine is accepted to be from the peach family but without the fuzzy texture. Compared to peach, nectarine has a firmer texture and they have more aroma. Nectarine’s history dates back to 4000 years ago. It is a common belief that China is the first producer of nectarines. If I have to make a decision between nectarine and peach, I would go with nectarine be my first choice because it is easier to eat. By the way, the nectarine is a great source of Vitamin A and C. For the recipes, I would highly recommend using nectarine for pies, jams, and smoothies. This is one of my favorites on this list of foods that start with N. 

13. Neep

Neep is a Scottish word that stands for turnip (also known as swede in England). For the best experience, you should decide on whether you want to cook frozen or fresh neep. The most tricky part of using the neep is having to peel it. Especially when you want to cook neep out of its season, using frozen neep will help you get all nutrition and it won’t take much of your time either. People usually consume neeps by mashing them like mashed potatoes and serve them with other food.

14. Nen Dzem Fen

When I first came across this name, I thought the word was either Chinese or Vietnamese. It turned out to be a Chinese word to define a specific type of noodle. And, this noodle is a fresh short-hand rolled noodle that actually looks like some type of Turkish cheese. You don’t have to boil them or soak them in the water. Actually, you can directly fry them with other vegetables. I would like to give it a try when I find it because I really love eating fried noodles.

15. Nesselrode

This food sounds like a real person’s name, doesn’t it? Well, it is actually true because the recipe is created by a chef for Count Nesselrode. Apparently, that count was a Russian who is a big fan of eating desserts his chef made especially for him. Eventually, Nesselrode pudding is the one that has become well-known. The recipe comprises cream-improved custard blended in with chestnut purée, sugar-coated organic products, currants, raisins, and maraschino liqueur. Just looking at the ingredients, you can imagine how elegant this recipe could turn out to be.

16. Nettles

Actually, I have a good story with nettles. When I was a child, I fell off the fig tree to the pile of nettles and all my body was swollen. Since that time I have grown some kind of an allergy to nettles. However, this plant is actually very healthy for your body. My mom used to cook nettle soup and force us to eat it. It helps the blood circulation system, alleviates digestion-related disorders, and supports those with diabetes. It is a great source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

You may ask why nettles cause irritation on the skin. Because nettle has spicules that cause mechanical irritation. This plant may not be familiar to you but its birthplace is actually Europe. Especially in the East part of Europe, people use nettle as an ingredient to make börek. I have never tried it before and I don’t think I will ever want to try because of my phobia. But, this should not stop you.

17. New York Steak

With its firm and tender texture, here is a slice of mouth-watering meat you won’t regret buying. What makes New York steak special is that it is made from the beef short loin. Basically, the New York steak was known as Kansas City Strip steak but after some changes with the strips, it started to be called New York steak. The biggest difference between these two is that New York steak does not have the bone. For the best experience, it is better to cook New York steak at high temperatures.

18. Nigiri

Nigiri is basically sushi without the seaweed covering. Looks yummy. Is also one of the foods that start with N.

If you are not familiar with the Japanese language or not a sushi gourmet, it is highly possible for you to mistake different sushi types. When I say “sushi”, I am not talking about made-up sushi like California rolls. This sushi comes from the original Japanese sushi recipes. Nigiri sushi stands for sushi that is made from rice and raw fish top. In other words, you don’t have to use seaweed to make it. You only need to cook rice for making sushi, roll them in the elliptical shape, and put the raw meat on it.

During my stay in Japan, I found out that the only topping option for nigiri is not raw meat. There were fried salmon, fried or raw octopus, oily salmon, etc. I still remember the taste of oily salmon in my mouth. It is a must-to-experience food for everyone.

19. Nikujaga

This article has become an area for me to improve my Japanese skills somehow but choosing this food is only a coincidence. As another Japanese dish, nikujaga is a made-up name. While “niku” means “meat”, “Jaga” is the abbreviation for “potato” in Japanese. So, the main ingredients of this dish are stew and potato. Other than these ingredients mirin and soy sauce has a great role in the flavor. While you can cut potatoes in cube shapes, it is best for the meat to be thin sliced so that it can simmer very well.

During my stay in Japan, I went to a restaurant Sukiyaki that basically serves meat-based food. I had a chance to try nikujaga there but the taste was totally different from what I imagined. Mirin has a decisive factor with its sake-like taste. It is definitely different from the usual idea of stew but it still delicious.

20. Nocciola

As you can guess, nocciola is an Italian word. When you look up the dictionary, you will see that nocciola means “hazelnut” in Italian. Because Italy is the second biggest hazelnut producer in the world (The first one is Turkey), it is not surprising that nocciola has taken place in English dictionaries. Italian desserts and snacks made by nocciola are so delicious that words fall for to explain the aroma of that taste.

21. Noodles

This is the food that comprises 70% of an average Asian man. Thanks to its convenience, it is one of the easiest food to make. You need to open a package of noodles and pour hot water on it to eat it. Or, you can maximize the taste by adding it to chicken and mix with vegetables like I usually do. Noodles are probably one of the oldest food in world history. There are people who usually mistake noodles for Japanese ramen. Noodles are only made up of unleavened dough that is cut in the shape of long strips. The main ingredients for noodles resemble pasta but they are totally different from each other. Noodle is one of the ingredients of ramen while ramen is a kind of soup that includes noodles, nori, meat, etc.

22. Nonpareil

If you have ever stopped by a bakery selling cupcakes, you must have definitely seen nonpareil. But, it must be surprising for you to hear that if you don’t know what that word means. Nonpareil is a type of topping used for cakes, muffins, and cupcakes. When we think of toppings for muffins, sprinkles are probably the first thing coming into mind. However, nonpareil is the round-shaped version of sprinkles. In French cuisine, there was a system of categorizing food according to its size. Nonpareil was the word to categorize the smallest food types. For this reason, it is no surprise to use this name for small round dots that are made from sugar.

23. Nopalitos

When there is a speech about cactus, the first country coming into our mind is Mexico. You may ask me why I am telling you this now but cactus is very related to this dish. Nopalito is a dish that is made by using Nopal cactus. Please do not forget to clean the thorns before starting to cook! Surprisingly, the Nopal cactus is something that can be consumed when it is raw as well. Besides, there are many health benefits coming with the regular consumption of this cactus. It is believed to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. I can hear you asking for the recipe already.

Nopal cactus can be used in both nopalitos or nopal salad. For Nopalitos, you need to finely chop nopal cactus pads, add tomatoes, crumbled cheese, and green onion on the top and start mixing those ingredients. If I get to Mexico by any chance, I am definitely going to try this dish. If you are willing to get more information on Nopalitos, you can also check this page as well! 

24. Nori

Here is another Japanese food for you although it is not my favorite. Nori is a dried edible seaweed type. Almost 6% of nori consists of protein. Like other seafood, nori has a distinct smell that makes it harder to eat. However, I have seen people who ate nori like a snack despite that distinct smell. Nori is one of the main ingredients for sushi and onigiri. When you wrap the sushi ingredients with nori, the type of sushi is called “maki”. In Japanese “maku” means wrapping so I assume that this type of sushi is “maki” because they wrap it into nori. As stated before, there are different types of sushi like nigiri and maki. This became the second type of sushi I have mentioned to you.

Depending on the type of ramen you are eating, you can find nori as the ingredient of ramen as well. Because it is really nutritious, Japanese people mostly prefer putting nori in anything they can eat. In my opinion, nori goes best with sushi because sushi balances the distinct smell of nori with seasonings and soy sauce.

25. Normande Sauce

When I saw the name of this sauce first, it reminded me of the Norman conquest. Because this sauce will captivate your hearts with its taste especially if you like mushroom-like me. Normande sauce is also known as Normandy sauce and it is a classic for seafood. The combination for this sauce is interesting because there is fish velouté, mushroom, egg yolk, and cider if you prefer. Especially when you think of pouring this sauce on seafood, it may make you feel awkward but you are not going to believe in the harmony between the food and the sauce.

There are some recipes in which they also prefer putting Normande sauce on shellfish other than usual fish. I haven’t had a chance to taste it so far because it is not a usual recipe that you can see in Turkey. But, I think it will be an interesting experience for me.

26. Nougat

Nougat is mostly used in chocolate bars and cakes. Is chewy and sweet.

Nougat has a familiar taste in Turkish cuisine and it is called “nuga” in Turkish, which makes it one of the foods that start with N in two languages :). Although there are different theories regarding the origin of this delicious snack, nougat was probably first produced in Iran territories. “Nougat” comes from the Latin word”nucatum” meaning nut. The main ingredients of nougat are roasted nuts, honey, whipped white egg part, and sugar. As you can guess, the taste will be too sweet if you overeat it. From the outside, nougat is in between Turkish delight and halva. But, when you eat it, you will be realizing the resemblance between nougat and crunchy bars.

27. Nouvelle Cuisine

As you can see from the keyword, Nouvelle Cuisine is not only about one food but a whole cuisine. In French, nouvelle stands for “new”. In other words, nouvelle cuisine means “new cuisine”. Compared to the sophisticated, high-calorie food of usual French cuisine, nouvelle cuisine has become a breakthrough with its simple, light, and delicate dishes.

Along with the taste of the food, the presentation also matters a lot because they need to get away from the complex recipes. Times spent for the preparation of the ingredients started to be used for the presentation itself. Thanks to its light ingredients, nouvelle cuisine has become helpful for those trying to lose weight as well. Since they paid more attention to the simplicity of the ingredients by stopping using heavy sauces, nouvelle cuisine took the role of dietary cuisine. Each plate has turned into an artwork thanks to the efforts of the chefs who tried to create inventive and simple dishes.

28. Noyaux

We are continuing our series with another French word. Although it sounds like an elegant food, noyaux basically stands for the kernels of some fruits like cherry, peach, plum, and apricot. Then, what makes this kernel so precious that we can call it noyaux? When you google Noyaux, the first image coming out will be Crème de Noyaux that is basically creme liqueur made by fruit kernels. There is a warning that noyaux contains prussic acid that could be potentially dangerous. However, for prussic acid to be fatal for your health, you need to consume more than 10 teaspoons to get poisoned. In other words, you can enjoy your drink without worrying about it. Other than using noyaux for a liqueur, there are people making jam without removing the kernel of the peach.

29. Nugget

Glorious chicken nuggets, they are crisp and golden. Just like how they should be.

As the lifesaver of students, nugget has an important place in our kitchens like pasta. Especially when you get it from the market, it is cheap and ready to cook. Since it is cheaper to get nugget from the market, I wouldn’t suggest you cook it by yourself. If you are insisting on cooking it by yourself here are the ingredients for you: breadcrumbs, chicken breast, egg, flour, black pepper, garlic, vegetable oil. While cooking, you need to cut the chicken breast in the nugget shape and dive it into the mixture of egg water and breadcrumb later. Although I have tried cooking schnitzel before and did a good job, I have never tried cooking nugget. Nugget has always been lazy person food for me. I usually fry them with potatoes and eat them for dinner when I feel too tired to cook. It is also one of the most famous foods that start with N. 

30. Nut Milk

This is a product that gets more and more in demand in the last few years because of the claims that cow milk is not healthy. Along with that, the idea of consuming vegan milk might have been very popular as well. Since it takes more effort to make nut milk, the prices change accordingly. Normally, you don’t have anything to do if you want to drink cow milk other than boiling it.

But, when it comes to making nut milk, it is a long process. You can use nuts, cashews, almonds to make your nut milk. If you want to make it by yourself, you need to soak the nuts in the water for one night. On the other day, you can blend them with fresh water after you rinse and drain the soaked nuts. Since there is no sweetener, you can add a little sugar or honey if you prefer and get the best taste.

30 Foods That Start With N- Conclusion

In this article, we have tried to sum up 30 foods that start with N. I must admit that finding 30 foods that start with N was not that as hard as I thought. While listing those 30 foods that start with N, I felt like my mouth was drooling, but I eventually finished the whole article. From these 30 foods that start with N, my likes and dislikes were both from Japanese cuisine. While nigiri may be the food I liked most about Japanese cuisine, natto is the one I hated most. If you found this article helpful, please take a look at our other article: foods that start with D. Although we have tried listing 30 foods that start with N, this list will go on when we broaden our perspective.

Please notify us in the comments if you know any other food starting with N other than the ones we listed in the 30 foods that start with N article.

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