Foods That Start With U: 25 Eats & Treats for Your Belly

 In this post, we have collected 25 foods that start with U including recipes, fruits desserts and more. There are lots of people that are wondering what foods that start with U are. You might need the list to play a game with your friends, maybe even a bet! No worries, JarKitchen is right here to support you with your games. Let’s get straight into foods beginning with u, shall we?

1. Urchins 

You probably know what Urchins are if you have ever been to the sea for swimming. Urchins are tough, ball-shaped, spiny sea creatures. They really hurt if you step on them, but this is not the topic right now. Sea urchins are used as food in some cultures and cuisines. Only their orange-ish insides are edible. Some people also believe that the liquid inside a sea urchin enhances your sexual capabilities when eaten. 

2. Ugali

The second in our list of foods that start with U is Ugali. Ugali is a dish, that is native to Africa. It is a type of flour porridge. It is made out of cornmeal and sorghum. The color is not yellow, as you would expect, it is white. The reason behind that is, in Africa, people use white cornmeal. That is why the color of this dish is white. 

3. Unsweetened Chocolate

Unsweetened Chocolate or a.k.a “Baking Chocolate” is a variety of chocolate which is mostly used in baking. This type of chocolate is used when the person that cooks, does not want the sugar in the chocolate to disrupt the flavor of the baked goods. To add texture and the flavor of pure chocolate, some people use Unsweetened Chocolate. 

4. Unpasteurized Cheese

Unpasteurized Cheese is one of the foods that start with U, and as you can assume, is made from unpasteurized milk (Raw Milk). The actual pasteurization happens during the cheese-making process when the raw milk is heated. This process is actually a necessary process because it kills micro-organisms like bacteria, which might make you sick. In the USA, cheese made from unpasteurized milk, cannot be sold on the market unless it has been aged for at least 60 days.

5. Unpasteurized Milk

Unpasteurized Milk is actually Raw Milk, as it is taken from a cow. When I was young, my grandfather told me that I was slim, because I did not drink enough Raw Milk at that time. Before strict health regulations, raw milk was sold on the streets by local farmers. After the regulations kicked in, it became forbidden to sell raw milk on the streets, because that was hard to control. However, you can still find local farmers that sell it in some countries. 

6. Udon

foods that start with U

It is a food that can be eaten very cheaply in Japan, keeps you full, and can cause excessive weight gain, and cause a flavor explosion. Places that can reach nirvana by waiting in line for a while in 2 famous places in Tokyo; gotanda oniyamma, maruka.

7. Ugli Pie

7. item in our list of foods that start with U is the Ugli Pie. It is not always about the looks you know? It is the heart (taste in this context) what is important. This pie is made from a Jamaican fruit called “Ugli”. Ugli is from the citrus family that looks like a big lime! Its ingredients are crushed pineapples, marshmallows, and cool whip. So, if you can get your hands on some Ugli, be sure to check out the recipe and do something different!

8. Ukha

Ukha is a soup, that is native to Russia. It can be made out of several fishes like bream, wels catfish, northern pike, and even ruffe. It also contains some root vegetables like parsley root, leek, potato, and bay leaf. In the old times, people were making Ukha with a broth like meat or chicken. But nowadays, it is also known as fish broth, because it is mainly cooked with fish.

9. Upside Down Cake

foods that start with u

Upside Down Cake is, well, upside down. Normally while making a cake, you mix the ingredients and the garnish and put it in the oven for baking. What’s special about these cakes are, once baked properly, It is turned upside down for serving. They usually have ingredients like pineapples or apples on the bottom, which have high sugar content. When those fruits are on the bottom of the tray, the sugar in them gets caramelized due to the high heat of the tray, creating a caramel-like flavor at the bottom.

10. Urda

Urda is produced from the whey of sheep. It contains a high amount of protein, which if super useful for the human body. Approximately 19-20 grams per 100 grams. The homeland is Bulgaria, where mostly the farmers eat cheese in breakfast.

11. Uerige Doppelsticke

Uerige Doppelsticke is an Altbier style beer that is brewed in Düsseldorf, Germany. It pours a dark brown color and with a slight head and lacing. The aroma left at the nose is followed by a bready and malty flavor. It is rated 4.5 out of 5, which means it is a very good beer for true beer lovers. Be sure to give it a try!

You can read its reviews and comment here.

12. Urnebes

Urnebes is one of the foods that start with U and it is widely used in the region of Nis and Southern Serbia and entered Serbian cuisine as a kind of salad. It is a type of salad or garnishes made with hot peppers, cheese, salt, and other spices.

13. Uszka

This traditional Christmas soup is usually served with small pastries topped with soaked (and then minced) dried mushrooms and fried onions. These are called “uszka” meaning “little ear”. Beetroot soup is generally more common in the south of the country.

14. Uighur Lamb Skewers

It is a tricky one we know, but it definitely worth mentioning. Uighur Lamb Skewers are the next item in our list of foods that start with U. Uighur Lamb Skewers or Uighur Lamb Kebabs are native to Uighurs. Uighurs are the Turkish nation that goes back to the times even before Genghis Khan. They are related to people living in Turkey now. That is why some dishes are named almost exactly the same. For example, Pilaf (Rice) in Uighur means Pilav in Turkish. Its ingredients are boneless lamb leg or shoulder, pomegranate juice, cayenne, garlic, black pepper, and cumin. 

Are you wondering how to juice a pomegranate? Check out our Ultimate Pomegranate Juicers Guide! 

15. Ubatzda

foods that start with u

Bavarian cheese that you can make by mixing camembert and butter and adding some red pepper and salt. It goes great with the pretzel. If you sit in the beer garden, sing in the pretzel and Ubatz next to the beer.

16. Upma

Wherever you go in India, upma is a very popular favorite breakfast food. It was originally derived in Southern India but is also found in Maharashtra and Sri Lanka. Essentially, upma is a thick, mash-like breakfast dish made from dried roasted rice flour or semolina. When you try this recipe, you can determine whether you like it or not and many ways to prepare upma.

This delicious dish can be eaten as breakfast, brunch, or snack, and it’s so healthy you can even eat any heavy meals with it!

As mentioned above, upma is a versatile way and there are a lot of variations. For one, it can contain refined ground wheat and rice or whole wheat, as well as noodles, durum wheat semolina, or pearl sago. Vegetables can be added as beans, nuts are also not out of the question because they will contain some cashews and peanuts.

17. Ukha

foods that start with u

Traditionally, it is made with different types of fillets with fish heads and bones. Besides, it is full enough to be eaten as a main course.

18. Uttapam

Indian people have actually contributed a lot to this list of foods that start with U. This is something Indian people prefer for breakfast. Its pulp is made from legumes. It is traditionally made with a mixture of tomatoes, onions, hot peppers, and cabbage. Or it can be made with various vegetables or coconut. It is served with sambar and sauce. This dish is native to the southern region of India. 

19. Unleavened Bread

Unleavened bread is one of the foods that start with letter U. You entered the kitchen to make your own bread at home. But unfortunately, your yeast ran out. Do not leave your dreams of making such soft, fragrant bread. Remove all the ingredients, baking soda, and soda for the support. There’s a delicious flavor behind your mini-mini images! We are sure you will love this recipe. Introducing: Yeast-free soft bread!

You can use warm milk instead of yogurt in this bread. If you do not have a soda, you can reduce the amount of flour a little more and add 1 more bag of baking powder. You can also add ingredients such as walnuts and dried tomatoes. Make sure that all materials are at room temperature and other tricks.

20. Uziza Leaf

Next in our list of foods that start with U is the Uziza leaves, or as known as Piper guineense, are native to Nigeria and has many properties. They have preservative and anti-oxidant chemicals inside them. In West African cuisine, Uziza leaves are used to add spiciness and pungent aroma to stews. It is ground in a mortar along with black peppers and then added to stews, cooked rice, or soups. Not very easy to find in most countries, but maybe you can get your hands on some Uziza leaves at herbalists.

21. Unagi

foods that start with u

The sweet water snake fish, whose cooking was made art by the Japanese. There are even private restaurants for this. It is usually cooked in 2 different ways, with coarse soy-based sweet tare sauce or shirayaki. The reason why it is eaten by cooking is due to some parasites. There is also a flourless pie (something like crackers) made from the crushed bones of this fish in the Hamamatsu area. The frequently confused analog is the sea snake fish.

22. Ube

Ube is one of the foods that start with the letter U. This vegetable, which has been grown in the South African region for years, is known as a branch in the world and has been consumed for years. This vegetable, scientifically known as diokore alata, comes from the potato family. It tastes similar to normal yellow potatoes. However, its nutritional value is quite different compared to yellow potatoes. The main reason for this difference is due to its purple color.

Generally, substances that give color to plants are called pigments. For example, the pigment substance that gives the green color to the leaf is chlorophyll. Although the pigment in purple potatoes has not been researched scientifically, we think it originates from a substance called Pelargonidin. One of the most important properties of these colored substances is their antioxidant effect. Antioxidant substances are one of the most important nutrients that remove free radicals from the body. In this way, it becomes an antioxidant substance 10 times more effective than normal yellow potatoes.

23. Urfa Kebab

foods that start with u

Urfa Kebab is native to the south-eastern part of Turkey. It is very similar to the “Adana Kebab” as we have also mentioned in our previous list: Foods that start with A. The main difference between Urfa Kebab and Adana Kebab is that Adana Kebab contains hot pepper flakes, Urfa Kebab does not. Urfa Kebab is made out of minced beef and minced lamb, along with many spices like garlic, black pepper, sweet chili flakes, and lots of paprika. 

24. Ube Pie

Mix classic pie fillings with this maple branch pie recipe from North Dixie Kitchen. The cube makes this particular pie slightly less sweet than the other flavors trend, so a whipped cream filling is the perfect substitute.

25. Urfa Pepper Flakes

The last item in our list of foods that start with U is the Urfa Pepper Flakes, or also know as “isot”, have a black color. They taste sweet, but also have a tasty, spicy flavor. They are mostly used on Lahmacun (a dish we have mentioned in our list Foods that start with L), or baked dishes, and on fishes in other regions. People from Urfa do not use Urfa Pepper Flakes in fish, because Urfa does not have any connection to the Mediterranean Sea.

Conclusion on foods that start with “U”

foods that start with u

The JarKitchen Team is doing their best to keep delivering you articles like foods that start with U. You can cook these dishes, eat some of them raw and even use some for medicinal purposes. Another great way to make use of this list is to play a word game with your friends. If you have friends that like cooking, foods from all around the world, or cuisines, be sure to play a game with them and use this list to dominate them in the game by reading our list of foods that start with letter U!



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