breakfast foods that start with L

Breakfast Foods that Start with L

When you are the cook in your family, it becomes necessary to get creative to introduce different food items into your meals. Have you ever tried cooking food that starts with a particular alphabet? If not, you are missing out on great opportunities to make your meals more interesting, especially for those little picky eaters in your family. Here, we have compiled this amazing list of breakfast foods that start with l, which will give you enough ideas for the entire week! Let’s explore.

1. Lalanga 

It is a deep-fried flatbread that’s popular in Turkish and Greek cuisines. The best thing about Lalanga is that you can have it as a snack or enjoy breakfast. Lalanga’s recipe is quite similar to the pancake, but it is crispier from the outside than the pancake. The ingredients for Lalanga include Turkish yogurt, milk, egg, and flour. For breakfast, we suggest consuming it hot.

Moreover, you can alter the ingredients for more versatility. For instance, if you want to consume it as dessert, you can team it up with your favorite chocolate or fruit jam. 

2. Loquat  

In simple terms, these are Japanese plums or Chinese plums. Loquats are quite identical to apricots but differ in taste. Loquat tastes sweet when ripe. This fruit is high in protein, fiber, magnesium, potassium, etc. It improves heart health and also boosts metabolism. 

People in Japan make herbal tea using the leaves of the Loquat tree. Moreover, you can easily introduce Loquats to your breakfast bowl. Mix milk, shredded coconuts, oats, favorite nuts, Loquats, and your nutrient-rich breakfast bowl! 

3. Lekvar 

Lekvár is a thick jam made from fruits like apricots and cherries. In fact, you can prepare Lekvár from any species of the Prunus family. It has a perfect thickness for filling cookies. Also, you can use it as a bread spread, just like any other fruit jam.

4. Latte 

latte is a food that starts with the letter l

Latte is one of the most loved varieties of coffee and is made from milk and espresso (single or double shot). It has a layer of foam on the top.  

For many people, a fresh cup of Latte is a perfect way to start their day. For breakfast, you can consume toast or a sandwich with a basic Latte. However, you can add variety to your everyday cup of coffee with various flavors — vanilla Latte, for instance! 

5. Lemonade 

lemonade is a great refreshing drink that starts with l

Lemonade is a refreshing drink that goes well with a variety of breakfast foods, especially in the summer season. From sandwiches to grilled burgers, everything tastes amazing with lemonade. Making lemonade is super easy. Mix sugar and mint leaves in cold water, squeeze the lemon juice, and stir well. 

Concerned about sugar content? Well, you can replace refined sugar with honey for a healthier version of lemonade. Also, it offers numerous health benefits. It hydrates and re-energizes your body, promotes weight loss, and boosts the immune system.

6. Loaf: Most versatile breakfast food that start with L

breakfast foods that start with L

A loaf, in simple terms, is a quantity of bread that is baked as one large piece. It is usually sliced into thin pieces of bread before serving. Nowadays, there are different types of loaves, including meatloaf, bread loaf, and Nutraloaf. 

When it comes to breakfast foods that start with l, there are numerous recipes you can try with a loaf. Garlic bread, avocado toast, cheese sandwich, and fruit jam toast are some of the most popular ones. The best thing is that most of these breakfast options go best with any sort of dip, be it cheese, avocado, tomato ketchup, or anything else.

7. Latke  

breakfast foods that start with L

It is one of the most famous foods belonging to the Jewish culture. Moreover, it is a Hanukkah specialty. Potatoes are the key ingredient of this flavorful food. Grated onions and potatoes are mixed with eggs, flour, and other spices. You need a dough-like mixture of these ingredients. It is usually enjoyed with sour cream and applesauce. Moreover, you can get creative with the Latke recipe to have it for any meal, be it a breakfast or supper!  

8. Limpa 

breakfast foods that start with L include loaf

There are countless varieties of bread all across the globe, and Limpa bread (Swedish) is one of those. These are typically prepared for during the Christmas season. There are various recipes for Limpa. You can flavor it with different kinds of spices such as anise, caraway, and fennel seeds. Even dark beer can be used to give it a special taste. Mostly, Limpa bread is consumed with cheese or marmalade. If you are bored of those usual toasts, try Limpa this time!  

Breakfast foods that start with L – Want to know more?  

So, does our list contain any foods that you haven’t tried yet? If not, make sure to try them this weekend!  

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